Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Ride in Pleasanton - Steamfest II

I woke up sunday, with the normal blues, too much to do on my theoretical day off, and no inspiration to do it. My motorcycle sits in garage down stairs, as i looked around in bed at my antique french furniture, i woundered if it's batteries where dead from lack of use. My first quest of the mourning, was trying to find the keys to the motorcycle, which of course i blamed everyone but myself for missplacing, and found them in a obvious tray, of which someone had placed things that where important that i had left around.

The Harley motor bike sat in the dust ... like an archive from the 40's, it's springs shocks, no window shield, and a big cushy seat hide the fact that it has a modern reliable engine inside it. It has no full gauge, so i checked the level by open the gas cap and looking inside ... i had my keys and it had gas ... so i had a go. I was surpised when i hit the starter and the engine rolled over, I was thinking this had a chance. With another twist, the engine started, and i let it idle to charge the batteries and oil all the clicking sounds.

Keeping to city streets, to mellow my reticence in driving motorcyles, I passed by my local coffee shop, which i normally walk to ... that what my decision to go on my sunday drive. There's a small town through the tree's next to pleasanton, called sunol ... really it's just a street with a coffee shop and dinner, with the rest of the shops closed. Going 25 miles an hour through small 2 lane roads, I almost messed up on some gravel around a blind turn, but i made it the 2 miles to the small town's coffee shop ... called the sunol jazz cafe.

I parked the harley, costing into a faded spot, next to pick up trucks and cars you find in a old country town that has been passed by. I was somewhat surprised to find activity in the shop, after talking to the cook on making me a omelete, i sat next to a old paino and stage, where the jazz players do their sets in the night. The cafe actually got a bit crowded, which means to me that someone sat within 3 meters of me, chairs moved and pathing became complex as people nudged chairs out of alignment.

As i sat, i worked on some notes of game theory as it's relates to color and texture, in a small notebook i had placed in my old leather biking jacket. I'm not sure if it's good or bad, when one looks the part of a old biker, slightly dishelved, painted boots, and a face that looked a bit worn with a beard that had started 3 days ago on it's own. But, more or less, i was a biker faker, designing an AI system in the corner for a new virtual reality exhibit i was doing for the elves.

I left the cafe and noticed a commotion across the street, on some old raid road tracks. I decided to not get on my bike, and walk over to the tracks to investigate. I plume of dark smoke shot into the air through the tree's, as i saw excited children bubble around, as an old guy, i watched the children nervously, thinking they where to close to the train tracks, but then i noticed true human artifacts more concerned then i, assure the the children where away from the tracks.

A second steam engine, puffing steam, excitement, high wind with shouting greeting, dragged itself up the tracks to where i was standing. I had inadvertently run into Steamfest ... where old steam engines had gathered, and there older still looking engineers watched over them. I was exciting at a base boyish level, reminded of the old train stations in paris, that Monet painted ... the texture of black paint over plating, steam, and the weight of steal revealed the evolution of industry we have recently seen.

After getting a t-shirt, to mark the event for myself, I got back on my harley, careful of the train tracks and dinging safety lights. A few minutes away from my house, traveling through the trees and some older tracks, i pondered what what i would paint of the steam and the bright black colors, that revealed themselves within the steam.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keys to the Future

Linear spaces, what one thinks of as current math, language and art - are at a end. My approach is not to replace the current concepts of math, religion, science, art - but to key those linear systems to tensional keyed space.What my art does is "map" the past to the future, by creating keyed spaces and manifolds to higher keyed spaces. Basically I have mechanical systems for three keyed spaces: Linear Keyed Spaces, Hashed Keyed Spaces and Tensional Keyed Spaces.

I am writing in a linear space right now and you are able at some level to follow what i'm saying. Basically with simple static sub-lines, produced in a linear manner, left to right, "words" are being written. Rather then thinking of words as objects, think of a "word" as a key to another space. Like "orange" isn't a Word, but is a cypher system that is a Key to all the examples and experiences a person has of "orange". So while I'm writing this, you could take every Word and map these words to Key's of experiences.

Key's of experiences or events, are held in keyed spaces ... your mind is a tensional keyed space ... basically tension between a fabric of keys. Manifolds connect different more or less mechanical processes to implementations of keyed spaces. When I paint, I'm creating a tensional keyed space, where parts of the space I am mapping to keys to joint experiences of the observer(you) and the creator(me), while other parts of the tensional keyed space I have Null'ed, so emergence of new keys will occur in your mind.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

End of Linear

Linear art that marks the past perspectives of society, is coming to a end. Writing in linear forms, pencil and paper ... where do you even find a pencil sharpener? It's perty much already happened, and the university system is just propogating museum pieces of thought. But does anyone even know what I'm talking about?

In the old days, the big "deal" was drawing and painting in perspective ... basically optics ... which is tracing lines. This is perty obvious in ancient greek works, and became de facto standard in anything past Leonardo's time. Lines, planes, squares, etc ... basically all represent linear systems which are flat to life. The algebra of linear thought is embedded in our institutions, and the error is only visible via exposed gaps to reality.

Lines got mushed and tumbled a bit in the last hundred years, but it all basically follows some tired linear flow ... what the eye can see. What the eye cannot see is touch and tension, probability and options, this is what the future of art is about ... and really ... anyone looking around ... see's the world on a exponential curve.

I think this is what art should focus on, helping people understand the tensional and exponential possibilities that are hitting us every day. The linear artifacts in politics and religion are twisting like buildings that have been exposed to time, if artist are to have a productive place in the future of society, they can help our minds adapt to the unfolding tensions we are all experiencing.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poetry and Motion - Cypress Rosewoods Concert

Poetry & Motion is th eonly way to describe Tony Gerber (aka Cypress Rosewoods ) performance at my Kolor Studio last night. The music flowed through space and interacted with the avatars, creating a poetry of tension that is only rarely glipsed in our lives.

Stretch Mayo's machinima started off the night, inspiring the crowd and i'm sure Cypress. I really enjoyed the crowd, I'm not a crowd person, but when there's a click of people that are all on the same wavelength, it's kind of magical.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lashes of Earth Install ... Today's Events

I'm really pleased with my "Lashes of Earth" install ... I think it really works. Did a new "movable" stage, where anyone in the audience can shift the stage (dancing blocks) around. Cypress Rosewood is doing a concert tonight - HOPE IT WORKS! Stretch Mayo did a awesome video with cypress, that uses the install ... he's doing a premier at 7 pm at the kolor studio. I'll add pictures and links ...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm probably doing this in reverse ...

I had a large show on my Kolor Studio Sim with Adam Ramona. Adam integrates interactive music with virtual objects that avatar's interact with. Here's a link ... if I do this correctly to some pictures that where taken ...

The studio has been perty active, on the base level (where the ocean is), I normally have over 50 people a day just randomly pop in. I'm especially happy when i see people interact with the art for a hours, means people are getting what i'm doing (i.e. an observer is a creator).

Thankfully White Lebed curated the install of Adam, otherwise it wouldn't have happened.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Herb Tea and Me

I like herb tea, I've been drinking some gypsy brew ... is good for colds. I normally mix in another bag, like blueberry or cranberry. I heat up a pint of water in the microwave, then poor it into a large cup that keeps the water warm (has some wierd thermal properties) ... with the bags in it. I then put honey in it ... sometimes i like to cool it down with milk. Should make a good painting.